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Article I - Purpose

The mission of the Leominster High School Athletic Hall of Fame is to honor those athletes, teams, coaches, and individuals who have contributed to Leominster High School Athletics through their service, performance, dedication, commitment, and accomplishments. It is our intention not only to preserve the rich athletic history of Leominster High School, but also to  inspire current and future athletes to strive to one day take their place in our hall of fame.

Article II - Membership

Candidates for membership in the Leominster High School Athletic Hall of Fame shall be former Leominster High School athletes, teams, coaches, administrators, or contributors to our athletic programs who have met the requirements set forth in our by-laws, as listed under our eligibility criteria.

Article III - Selection Criteria For Membership
  1. They have distinguished themselves and brought honor to Leominster High School through their outstanding participation in our athletic program.
  2. They have continued to distinguish themselves and bring honor to their organizations, community, or colleges they have attended.
  3. They have served as outstanding examples of the character, courage,  leadership, and well-rounded individuals whom Leominster High School seeks to develop through its athletic programs.
  4. Their athletic teams have achieved records and/or won significant championships
  5. They have accrued individual local, state, New England, or national awards.
Article IV - Eligibility for Nomination
  1. Former Leominster High School student/athletes will be eligible to be nominated for membership any time after the 10th anniversary of the graduation of their original class from high school, and must have attended Leominster High School for at least two years.
  2. A coach’s eligibility will be based upon a high degree of competency and success. A candidate must have contributed toward promoting sound educational values to his/her athletes. Coaches are eligible for induction 5 years after leaving their coaching position within the Leominster High School athletic department. Coaches do not have to be retired to be nominated.
  3. An athletic team’s eligibility will be based upon the success of the team (Art. IV). The team shall be eligible after the 10th anniversary of the graduation of the seniors on that team.
  4. The Contributor Award will be given to the individual/s, who have given their selfless time and energy toward the benefit of an individual team, or to the athletic programs in general.
Article V - Nomination and Selection Procedure
  1. Any member of the committee may nominate a qualified individual, or team for consideration by the selection committee.
  2. The Selection Committee may nominate a candidate on its own initiative.
  3. Any member of the community may nominate a candidate for membership.
  4. Applications will only be accepted upon completion of an official Leominster High School Hall Of Fame Nomination Form, which will be available in the Principal’s office, the Athletic Director’s office, or our website. 
Article VI - Executive Director
  1. Executive Director: Current Athletic Director
  2. Will be responsible for overseeing the business of the Hall of Fame.
  3. The Executive Board will announce the inductees chosen both in the media, and at the Award night.
Article VII - Board of Directors
  1.  Chairperson: Will schedule, organize, and chair all meetings.
  2. Vice Chairperson: Assist the Chair as needed, and undertake the functions of the Chair in his/her absence.
  3. Clerk:  Will record the minutes of each meeting, all inductee information, and disseminate information as needed.
  4. Treasurer: Will manage all funds associated with the Hall of Fame.
Article VIII - The Selection Committee: The Selection Committee: Each committee will elect their own chairperson.
  1. Nominations: Responsible for the publication of information, collection of nomination data, and dissemination of nomination applications to the committee. 
  2. Screening: Will research and present to the Executive Director a list of nominees by the spring meeting of each year. All nominations will be directed to the screening committee chairperson.
  3. Fundraising: This committee will organize and run all activities related to raising the funds  for the use of the  Hall of Fame committee. They will work closely with the treasurer in maintaining and reporting all income and expenditures.
  4. Awards:  Responsible for the procurement of all awards required by the ceremony, and the development, printing, and dissemination of the program booklet.
  5. Banquet:  They will be responsible for setting up, organizing, and running all facets of our awards night.
Article IX - Selection Process
  1. Selection procedures shall be determined by the selection committee, provided eligibility and selection criteria set forth herein are met.
  2. Selections shall be made once per year from selected nominees. Individuals and teams shall require a 75% vote of the committee for induction. 
  3. The Board of Directors will publicly announce those selected for membership in the Leominster High School Athletic Hall of Fame. 
  4. Following the third induction of members, a maximum of “14” members shall be inducted into the LHS Hall Of Fame during any single year. The committee will review, verify and vote on all nominees.
Article X - Induction to the Leominster High School Athletic Hall of Fame
  1. Candidates selected for induction shall be inducted at a proper and fitting ceremony in the year they are elected.
  2. Pictures of inductees, along with a synopsis of their accomplishments, shall be publicly displayed in the Leominster High School Hall Of Fame area.
  3. Inductees into the LHS Hall Of Fame shall be presented with a suitable memento at the time of their induction.
Article XI - Amendments to the By-Laws

The By-Laws of the Leominster High School Athletic Hall Of Fame may be amended by an affirmative vote of at least 75% of the LHS Hall Of Fame Committee, and the Executive Director, provided at least 80% of the committee is present for the voting process. Any changes shall be presented in writing to the members of the Committee at least seven (7) days prior to the next scheduled meeting, and become effective immediately upon approval.    


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